Auth0 Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQ

The health of our team, our business, and our customers is the highest priority

There is an undeniable impact that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having on businesses worldwide, and we are closely monitoring the situation. The health of our team, our business, and our customers is the highest priority and we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure we continue business as usual.

Because the Auth0 team has been designed from day one to support remote work, we have the infrastructure and tools in place to enable our 600+ employees to work remotely and continue to fully service the ongoing needs of our customers.

We understand that there may be many questions, so we have compiled this FAQ below to serve as a resource for you and your team.


Q: What is Auth0’s current plan to maintain business continuity in light of the outbreak?

  • Auth0 has maintained a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan and have had it in place for four years. We regularly review and update it (at least annually) to ensure that all practices are well understood within the organization.

Q: What measures has Auth0 taken to minimize impact to your/our business?

  • We are already a very remote-friendly company and many of our employees work from home by default. In highly impacted areas we have additionally asked all employees to work from home.
  • We have also canceled all non-essential travel to minimize employee exposure.
  • We have canceled our annual company-wide offsite in May as another precaution for keeping our employees safe. 

Q: What contingency plans are in place in case Auth0 staff do become ill and/or are unable to continue to support clients? What plans are in place for emergency coverage?

  • Auth0 has a business continuity plan that is tested annually or after a major change. This plan includes a response to business disruption events including but not limited to:
    • Pandemic illness
    • Security Breach
    • Natural Disaster, Terrorism, Wide-scale civil unrest
    • Financial Crisis
    • Additionally, Auth0’s BCP has established critical roles, systems and functions required to recover from these types of events. This plan is audited and reviewed by a 3rd party audit firm against a wide range of industry standard compliance frameworks.

Q: What % of Auth0’s workforce is independent/remote? And how do you communicate?

  • 55% of our employees regularly work remotely. As a result of Coronavirus, we have recommended that all office-based employees work from home.
  • Remote work is also a core component of our new-hire onboarding training, and we use 100% cloud-based communication, management, and information exchange tools.